Cleaning is an essential process within electronics manufacture and has been used for many years to remove potentially harmful contaminants during PCB manufacture.

Such contaminants include flux, solder and adhesive residues, and other more general contaminants such as dust and debris present from other manufacturing processes. The purpose of cleaning, specifically within the rapidly expanding electronics industry, is to essentially improve product lifetime by ensuring good surface resistance and by preventing current leakage leading to PCB failure.

  • Flux removal
  • Metal degreasing
  • Flammable & non-flammable
  • Bulk & Aeresol
  • Water & solvent based
  • Bulk Variants also available

FLU – Fluxclene

  • Effective no-clean fluxes and many water based fluxes and pastes
  • Quick drying and residue free
  • Plastics safe
  • Supplied with brush and extension tube
  • Packaging available in 200ml ,400ml , 400ml , 1litre , 5Litre

ULS – Ultrasolve

  • Fast drying solvent for quick and efficient cleaning of electrical equipment
  • Excellent removal of grease, oil, flux residues and acrylic conformal coatings
  • Leaves clean, dry surface
  • Compatible with most plastics
  • Packaging available in 2ml Pen ,200ml , 400ml , 400ml , 1litre , 5litre , 25litre

ULC – Ultraclens

  • Highly penetrating cleaning solvent for removing heavy deposits
  • Excellent cold cleaner for electronics and engineering
  • Offers low flammability and low odour
  • Packaging available in 200ml ,400ml , 1litre , 25litre

SWAS – Safewash S – Safewash Super

  • SWAS is similar to SWAJ but with enhanced cleaning performance. Cleans flux residues and no-clean flux to military cleanliness standards.
  • Low odour, non-hazardous and for use in batch cleaning systems using ultrasons or spray-under-immersion,
  • Packaging available in 5litre , 25litre , 200litre

SWAJ – Safewash J – Inhibited version of SWA

  • SWAJ is specifically formulated for safe cleaning of all metals including aluminium, copper and brass. SWAJ is also used extensively to clean flow solder jigs or pallets to remove the build up of flux deposited throughout the wave soldering process.
  • Low odour, non-hazardous and for use in batch cleaning systems using ultrasons or spray-under-immersion,
  • Packaging available in 5litre , 25litre , 200litre

CCRG01L – Conformal Coating Remover Gel

  • Specially formulated to remove Electrolube’s solvent resistant coating (including DCA, DCB and DCR)
  • Thixotropic gel which is highly effective coating remover
  • Does not contain methylene chloride
  • Packaging available in 1litre

SWAT – Safewash Total

  • A blend of non-flammable solvents which forms a micro-emulsion when mixed with water
  • High solvency for efficient removal of contaminants
  • Surfactant free, easy to rinse
  • Non-flammable
  • Low toxicity, foam and odour
  • Packaging available in 1Kg , 2ml ,10ml , 12.5Kg , 20ml , 25ml , 35ml , 310ml

ROC – Reflow Oven Cleaner

  • Specially formulated micro-emulsion for cleaning reflow ovens and wave solder machines.
  • Removes all types of flux residues
  • Suitable for general degreasing applications
  • Regular use prevents flux build up
  • elps maintain efficient running of equipment
  • Contains inhibitors to prevent corrosion
  • Low toxicity
  • non-flammable
  • low odour
  • Packaging available in 25litre , 500ml

SSS – Screen & Stencil Solvent

  • Non-flammable solvent for cleaning of screens and stencils
  • Excellent solder paste and adhesive removal
  • Non-foaming and biodegradable
  • Use with ECW025
  • Packaging available in 5litre ,25litre , 500ml Trigger